Rui Sousa

Rui Sousa Translator

Who is Rui?

The first time our paths crossed was when Rui was an intern at a translation company I worked for.

After his internship and having completed his translation course at ISLA in 2006, he set out in the translation area, as a freelance and in-house translator in various Portuguese companies.

For around two years, Rui continued to gain experience as a project manager in a translation company. Shortly afterwards, our professional paths crossed again and, after much planning and a few coffees, we decided to join forces as freelancers.

This is how Mind Words® came about, in October 2013.

Rui's favourite areas are: 

  • Marketing, because he loves exploring social networks, finding opportunities and keeping himself up-to-date
  • Technology, because he adores gadgets and keeping up with new trends
  • Tourism, because he loves travelling and experiencing different places

He normally goes to bed very late and he is more productive late in the evening.

Apart from being a certified trainer, he is also one of the founding members of APTRAD (Portuguese Association of Translators and Interpreters) and a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (IoL).

And because life isn't all about work, Rui is also interested in cinema, books, football and classic cars.

Luísa Matos

Luísa Matos Translator

Who is Luísa?

Luísa got her Bachelor's degree in Specialised Translation at ISCAP in 2001. After the course, she combined freelance translating with working as a project manager in a Porto translation company for 12 years. 

Her experience allowed her to specialise in the technical area and, more recently, in the medical and scientific area, through continuous training in the areas of Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy, Biotechnology and Medical Imaging.

Her passion for oriental philosophy and therapies, as well as the fact that she does Tai Chi and Reiki, allowed her to learn more about this area.

She is a certified trainer, a founding member of APTRAD (Portuguese Association of Translators and Interpreters) and a member of IAPTI (International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters).

She is thorough, direct, focused and organised. She is good at solving problems and finding answers.

She normally gets up very early and is more productive in the morning.

She loves the sea, playing the violin and doing Tai Chi.

She helped me set up Mind Words® and to make freelance work easier.