We work in three main areas: Translation, Training and Language Consultancy. Our professional background allows us to be flexible and to adapt to different work situations.
When you choose us, you will have the assurance of a professional service, from the moment you ask for a quote until you receive the translated, reviewed and proofread document.

- Does your company operate in Portugal or does it have ties with this country?
- Do you want to internationalise your company and your products?
- Do you have a technology start-up with innovative products?
- Do you work on the different aspects of marketing?
- Are you in the tourism sector?
- Do you have to prepare technical manuals?
- Do you write scientific papers?
- Do you market hospital and medical equipment?
- Do you have a health unit that deals with foreign clients every day?

Then maybe we can help you, through a partnership and mutual cooperation relationship.

Mind Words®
Our minds, your words.

We work with the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French and European Portuguese. Because we work together, we can add value and do additional reviewing and proofreading for each project. In line with our mission, we always seek to protect the original message and facilitate multilingual dialogue.

We combine higher education in translation with in-depth knowledge in different areas of expertise: 










Oriental Philosophy and Therapies


Our prices are in line with the quality of our services and each translation project is analysed individually.

Whenever necessary, we can handle the entire certification process for translations for use in Portugal.

Get in touch with us directly for more information or to request a quote. All of our quotes are free of charge and will be sent to you within 24 hours.

We have prepared a set of training courses aimed at translation professionals. These cover project management and marketing for translators.

Our training courses are prepared according to the needs of our target audience.

For more information on our workshops and courses, click on the Training tab.

Do you need to review the content of your site or your brochures? Or do you need specialised advice on how best to approach your target audience? Do you want to write papers on certain specific areas or do you just want to write e-mails in other languages?

We could be the perfect solution for you!